[USS Vanguard] Coming together

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Lt. Zena Quetan
Science Labs
As she was approaching the Labs the ship's claxon sounded they had gone to 
Yellow Alert so more had happened since she'd left.
The doors swished open as she approached them and a small team of science 
officers had assembled like she had requested on her way there.

As soon as she walked into the room she was handed a PADD "good you got the 
data I wanted...this should help" She said as she read through it

"It's all general statistics though Sir, nothing concrete, Star Fleet records 
never brought up this combination, it's never been come across before" A young 
officer chirped up with an anxious tone in his voice

"I know Ensign but we don't have time to assemble a probe and find out more we 
just have to go on what we have and have belief in ourselves that we can do 
this" Zena replied calmly as she walked over to a console

"oookay, We need to run some test scenarios by combining certain elements 
together and getting the highest percentage of success to counteract it and 
least percentage of damage" Zena instructed

All the officers took to a console and started punching in figures...

After running as many scenarios that time would allow they managed to find a 
reasonable solution, their next problem would be how to get it to the source on 
the Conscript

"What if we took a shuttle and loaded it into a beam?" One officer suggested

"hmm I like the shuttle idea it would allow us to get close enough but the beam 
would be inaccurate" Zena replied

"We need something big that would hit the target" She continued

"What about a missile or torpedo we could load it on a shuttle get as close as 
we possibly can then fire it at the target" Another officer suggest

"That could work!" Zena said tapping her Commbadge "Quetan to Santos and 

"Go ahead Lieutenant" Santos replied "Engineering here" came another reply

"We've managed to find a solution, we've created our own concoction of gases 
and other elements to kill the one on the Conscript but to get it over there we 
need to fire it into the ship, it's been suggested that a torpedo would be most 
effective from close range on a shuttle..."

"Engineering would that be possible?" Santos asked "And what of the remaining 
people on there, would they be effected?" He aimed the question to Zena

"If Lieutenant Quetan or someone from her team co-ordinates with us it's 
definitely possible Sir" was Engineering's response 

"It will be safe for any life forms on there as soon as the torpedo hits the 
heat and radiation being given off it will just begin to disperse it's 
contents" Zena replied

"Well let's do it!" Santos replied "Oh and Zena, Why was this substance not 
detected on preliminary scans?" Santos asked, it had been on his mind since 
Zena had left the Bridge.

"Well because it simply wasn't there before...This combination isn't in any 
Star Fleet records and it's definitely not natural, it's very much man made, 
I'm guessing that someone on board released it or something triggered it at 
that exact time for what ever reasons...Maybe as a decoy? If the ship was empty 
of people then would anyone make such an effort to save the ship if it risked 
their own? It's just unfortunate that 2 of our crew members got stranded on 
there, in any normal circumstances we would of vacated the area?" She suggested

"Hmm perfect chance for a get away...That could explain why the Torpedo 
transferred over contained a dead officer not the Nausicaan prisoner and the 
mysterious ship that attacked... Thank you Lieutenant" Santos replied he was 
starting to piece together the events

As the conversation ended Zena left and headed to Engineering..

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