[USS Vanguard] Dont try this at home

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Joint post by: Commander Cynan Mandrake
                    Ensign Maria-Jana "MJ" Valentine
Title:             Dont try this at home
After:            Who let the cat out [Zena]
Cadet Valentine was studying to become a Stellar Cartographer and being the 
conscientious young lady that she was, had stayed on after class to get her 
homework done and dusted there and then, and thus leaving the tonight free to 
live the students favourite pastime - to party.

"So what time do they open then?" Cadet Botham asked Cadet Valentine eyeing her 

"Excuse, me?" MJ replied confused.

"Your legs, baby. When do they open?" he confirmed, nudging closer to her.

"Oh drop dead!" she exclaimed collecting her PADDs and walking off.

She was so disgusted that didn't see Cadet Mandrake walking through the 
classroom door.

In the early days of Cynan Mandrake's life, he was a man of few words and 
action, but what he did say and do, counted for a lot. On this occasion, he 
merely turned flat against the door letting Valentine pass without incident.

"So I'll see you later then legs?" Cadet Botham called on after Cadet Valentine.

"I'm busy with a real man!" she replied turning around to glare at Cadet Botham.

"Yeah, like who?" Cadet Botham said with disbelief.

It was at this point that MJ noticed Cynan, who was pressed up against the door 
letting her pass and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips.

"Him" she said with a cheeky smile, grabbed Cynan's arm and whisked him off 
down the corridor.

As they got out of sight of the other Cadet Maria let Cynan go, "Sorry about 
that," she blushed, "Its the only way I knew of to get that repulsive jerk off 
my back."

She looked up to see Cynan looking at her with unreadable _expression on his 
face, "Look I said I was sorry," she said now feeling horrible, "I didnt mean 
to." He still didnt talk to her, "What cat's got your tongue?" she asked 
getting really irritated by his silence. 

?They sure have strange customs here? Cynan thought to himself as he stood 
listening to Maria apologise for what he thought wasn?t really something she 
should be apologising for. In fact some would argue that he should be saying 
thank you!, but not Cynan, he had other idea and decide to give her passionate 
kiss in return.

?Now we?re even.? he said simply as Maria blushed again.

?I?m off to the union to meet up with friends. Fancy coming? he asked her.

?Well I..? she hesitantly started to reply when Cynan gave her another kiss.

?You?ll have to now.. or you?ll forever be owing me one? he said with smile, 
backing off down the corridor.

"That isn't fair you know," MJ called after him but smiled. Even though she 
hated owing people and she wouldnt mind owning this particular person something 
but she figured having an evening with him might be. 

He turned and looked at her, "Who says the world is fair?" he asked her.

She shook a finger at him but smiled, "Fine, " she said, "I'll go with you."  
She walked over to him and began walking beside him with her books clasped to 
her chest.. Her cheeks still bright red.

Lt.jg. Eliandra Lara Croft Santiago 
Cheif Intelliegence Officer 
USS Salvation 
Ensign Maria-Jana Valentine
Steallar Cartographer
USS Vanguard
I'm a woman Trapped in a Woman's body! 

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