[USS Vanguard] Who Let The Cat Out? pt2

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  • Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 15:14:17 -0500 (EST)

Ensign Aliyah-Amore Lopez-Fitzgerald
Chief JAG
Lost in Time or is it space?
Zena looked at Shar who wasn't expecting the second meow so she quickly 
grabbed her stomach too "ooo me either, I think we've been poisoned 

Craig shook his head "You really think I'm buying this? You're up to 
something, the noise is coming from that room"

Aliyah shrugged as Zena and Shar stood holding their stomachs still

"Stand aside Cadets" Craig ordered

"Erm I wouldn't open the door sir" Shar advised

Craig ignored him and began to over ride the security code to enter the 

[end of snip]
Aliyah instinctively backed up and hauled Zena with her. Shar seemed to have 
noticed and backed up too. "Oh no," Aliyah mumbled to her friend.
"Oh no is right," Shar replied. As soon as the doors open the angry cat went 
flying at Kavan. aliyah wanted to laugh so hard that she felt as though her 
lungs would explode but she knew laughing would only get them in more 

Lt. Kri Axa Vina
Chief Diplomatic officer
USS Indianapolis-A

Ensign-Aliyah Amores Lopez-Fitzgerald
Chief JAG officer
USS Vanguard

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