[USS Vanguard] Diamonds are forever

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  • Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 12:59:28 -0000

Lt. Jaav E'thexx
Ship's Counselor
Location: Earth; San Francisco, 1990. 
After: Preparing for departure...

By this time the away team had gathered round like children round a camp fire. 
It was clear from the looks of bemusement on the faces of one or two 
individuals that some were far more fluent in Temporal physics than others.  
Darkwater had explained the predicament with assistance from the dissembodied 
voice of Cynan, by then everyone understood that it would be necessary to 
construct a link between the communicators in order to return to the 24th 

Highwaij:  You said we would have to make use of indigneous parts. What exactly 
are we looking for?

Darwater tapped at the Tricorder in his hand.  

Darkwater:  I've managed to produce an elementary schematic for the link, and 
downloaded it into the other Tricorders, we'll be looking for three key 
components.  We will require a small, high voltage energy source, and some of 
this eras primitive printed circuit board posessing the small parts that I've 
outlined in further detail.  

There was a pause.  

Khan:  That's two...

Darkwater:  Pardon?

Khan: That's two key components...You said there were three. 

Darkwater:  Yes...The third is going to be a little more tricky to obtain.  

E'thexx:  How 'tricky' ?

Darkwater:  Well, Lt. Mandrake and I have run through the logistics of 
obtaining component number three and it's going to be hard... very hard.  

Khan:  But wat is it?

Darkwater:  The closest equivalent to high resonance pro-meta crystal available 
in this time period, in order to focus the generated signal. 
Highwaij:  If I remember my academy history lessons correctly, pro-meta crystal 
isn't invented for another 270 years, and that takes place on Vulcan.  

Darkwater:  That's exactly right, we're going to have to improvise. 

She'ra:  And how exactly are we going to do that?

Darkwater shifted a little, he cleared his throat. 

Darkwater:  There is a little documented case of one instance where something 
similar to pro-meta crystal randomly occured in human history, but the people 
of this time wouldn't know about its properties, it was valued only for its 
aesthetic properties and considered a diamond before 'mysteriously' 
dissappearing. It was a team of Archeaologists in our time who made this 
discovery, they found the jewel very close to it's original site.  

Des: So you're saying there is only one of these samples, in this time period 
on the whole of Earth?

Darkwater:  That's exactly what I'm saying.  It's stored in a high security 
museum a few kilometres from here.  It should be possible to modify it so it 
can be utilized. 

E'thexx:  Then how do we get it?

The dissembodied voice of Cynan Mandrake rejoined the briefing. 

Mandrake:  We steal it Mr. E'thexx. 

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