[USS Vanguard] After Math

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  • Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 19:18:12 +0100

Lt. JG. Cynan Mandrake.
Location: USS Vanguard; Sickbay, Crew Quarters.
Time: Before "Rise Up, Rise Up" (Andy) and during "A game" (Lela).

Subject: After Math.


Having just got back onboard the Vanguard, a cybernetic implant had
developed and began to deploy itself on Mandrake's neck.

There was a short gasp by those around him, but Quetan was quick to act,
rushing over to the transporters controls and initializing a transport
direct to sickbay.

Once there Dr. Droin jumped into action, immediately proceeding to extract
the nano-technology that was in his system, as well as giving him a sedative
for the pain. Unfortortunatly his right-arm had been removed and replaced.

An hour later and he was conscious again, the Borg devices nearly completely
removed, except for the arm.

Xristha: "Hey... how are you doing?" she said looking down at the patient
with a warm smile.

Cynan: "Urrrggh", Mandrake opened his eyes, winching as they adjusted to the
light and focused on a friendly face.

Xristha: "I've managed to get most of the Borg technology out of your
system, but I'm afraid the arms going to have to stay for awhi."

Cynan: "NO. I want it off, Xristha.", he looked across to it and back to
her, "Take it off or I'll take it off myself."

Xristha: "But Cynan, we have no means to replace it just yet. To re-sequence
a replacement will take some time, and even then it won't be perfect."

Cynan: "What do you mean? Don't hide things from me. Just tell it to me

Xristha: "You'll have to retrain your mind to use it properly to start with,
and under a medical scan you'll still be able to tell."

All went quiet for a moment as he thought over what had been said. He could
understand the reasons to keep the Borg arm intact for the short term, but
he didn't want it and he didn't care to much about not being able to fore
fill his duties fully until he had a replacement either - he was of nature,
not machine.

He looked above at the ceiling, blinked and then looked directly into her
(Xristha's) eyes with a look of uttermost compassion, a look that said
everything without saying anything at all. the word please.

It was a look that she could not refuse, so she simple sighed to herself and
began to prepare. It was going to be a long night.

[Crew Quarters]

A few hours had passed since the Doctor had performed the operation and
removed the last of the Borg additions to his body and he was now heading
back to his quarters.

As he walked back for a much needed rest, he began to think about what had
transpired over the last day and if he had made the right choice not keeping
the arm temporarily.

He looked to down and to his right to see an empty space. It still felt like
it was there. He still felt the pain. He still felt the Borg. He looked up
ahead as a tear rolled down from his cheek and found himself outside of She'
Ra's door. but he couldn't face her. He couldn't even face himself.

Back at his quarters he sat on his bed and looked at the keepsakes on his
bedside table. Another tear filled up in his eyes. He dropped back and just
drifted off to sleep.

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