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"I am the crown princess, Aerissa Midra, daughter of King Frederick and
Queen Eliza Midra!" de Santos stood up. "You mean YOU are the daughter of 
that merciless tyrant?" He shouted. Soman drew his sword, but Aerissa waved 
him down. "No one speaks about my father that way!" She cried and closed her 
eyes. She murmered some strange words and waved her hands at the floors.

Two twin ivy's sprung up around de Santos and encircled him. He ahcked at 
them, but to no avail. Suddenly, a force stronger than her withered the 
ivy's into nothingness. "What?" She cried. Suddenly, a voice from the abck 
shouted. "I hear she's not even the true daughter of that blackard." Her 
face reddened and her eyes began to sting. "Yeah! Seems the King had a 
little 'fun' some night....." another patrin shouted.

She felt the tears come and she turned and ran out of the bar.

<end snip>

Xristha watched as the Princess ran from the tavern. The mauraders moved 
closer, weapons drawn. With the melt spell, she knew they had a wizard. 
Xristha felt her emotions pull for the young girl and she headed towards the 

Instantly a drunken brute jumped in her way. Instincts took over as she 
spoke words of power, "fiax liat." The soldier jumped back screaming.

The others stared at the man, apparently screaming at nothing. One of the 
soldiers turned to another, "She is an enchantress."

The other looked confused.

The first clarified, "That man is looking at scorpions all over his body or 
fire at his feet." He shuddered.

Xristha stepped past the psychotic man and out the door.


she [Aerissa] collasped under a tree by the bar and sobbed. She felt a hand 
on her shoulder and looked up. "There there. Are you alright? What's wrong 
my dear?"

<end snip>

Aerissa, disheveled, was surprised and slowly stood up. She looked at the 
mysterious pale woman. "How...?" She questioned.

Xristha shook her head. As she began to speak, the tavern doors burst open. 
"Can you do more magic?"

Aerissa nodded.


Sorry...way short, but we lost track there.

Xristha Droin
Mind Twister =)

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