[USS Vanguard] Aerissa: magic and sadness

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Princess Aerissa Gainsly-Midra Princess/Mage/Ancient
After Derek's

Aerissa watched as de Santos and Soman battled. "Sir Drath! Stop this at 
once!" She ordered. "I know you have your honor to defend....but not in the 
presense of a Lady, please....." She said, giggling slightly. "Aerissa?" He 
said, shocked.

He coughed slightly and then stiffened. "I mean, Princess Midra! Why are you 
here? And how?" He said, glaring at de Santos. She cocked her head. "I'm not 
sure. One minute I'm running from those two..." She said, pointing to Dellan 
and Chen'Ki "..and the next I'm talking to Merlin!" She said, pointing to 
where he had been. "Where did he go?" She wondered.

She suddenly felt something on the front of her gown. She looked down and a 
plain amulet had appeared there. "What's this?" SHe wondered. Soman took one 
out of his pocket. "I have one, too...." He said, turning it over.

"Wonder where it came from..." She said, looking at it. de Santos spoke. 
"Well, I don't know. But I have one...and so does most everyone else here. 
But...if I may ask...who exactly are you and how do you know this black 
jackal?" Aerissa's eyes flashed and she stood straighter.

"I am the crown princess, Aerissa Midra, daughter of King Frederick and 
Queen Eliza Midra!" de Santos stood up. "You mean YOU are the daughter of 
that merciless tyrant?" He shouted. Soman drew his sword, but Aerissa waved 
him down. "No one speaks about my father that way!" She cried and closed her 
eyes. She murmered some strange words and waved her hands at the floors.

Two twin ivy's sprung up around de Santos and encircled him. He ahcked at 
them, but to no avail. Suddenly, a force stronger than her withered the 
ivy's into nothingness. "What?" She cried. Suddenly, a voice from the abck 
shouted. "I hear she's not even the true daughter of that blackard." Her 
face reddened and her eyes began to sting. "Yeah! Seems the King had a 
little 'fun' some night....." another patrin shouted.

She felt the tears come and she turned and ran out of the bar.

she collasped under a tree by the bar and sobbed. She felt a hand on her 
shoulder and looked up. "There there. Are you alright? What's wrong my 


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