[USS Vanguard] Kye&Gainsly:Hell breaks loose

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Aerissa, disheveled, was surprised and slowly stood up. She looked at the 
mysterious pale woman. "How...?" She questioned.

Xristha shook her head. As she began to speak, the tavern doors burst 
open."Can you do more magic?"

Aerissa nodded.

<end snip>

Aerissa concentrated on the ground and causedmultiple ivy's to spring up, 
surronding the mob. An iradesandt (sory for bad spelling), green light 
appeared and surronded Aerissa, She brought her arms back and then thrust 
the forward, hurling the energy at the mob, causing them to sleep. She 
slumped onto the ground and sighed. (OOC-I'm not saying Xristha can't do 
anything....Just wanted to post my part) After it was over, the pale woman 
came over to her. "Are you alright?" She asked.

Aerissa nodded slowly. "Just....exhausted...never done that before..." She 
said, staring at the sleeping mob.


Dellan watched the mob exit the tavern after the pale woman and the 
Princess, leaving behind the two knights and a handful of others. Leaning 
over to Chen'Ki, he whispered. "I say we make a break for it while the 
going's good? How bout you?" Chen'Ki nodded and they slowly began to slip 
towards the door. Dellan grabbed a rather ornate dagger left on the counter 
as the headed towards the door.

Before the could get out, a woman turned and shouted. "Hey you! Stop!" She 
cried, running over. Dellan pushed Chen'Ki towards the door and turned to 
face the woman. Trying out his pwoers on her, he hoped he was to tired. But 
they didn't work. She lunged at him and he fell backwards onto the floor. 
THey rolled and she grabbed for the dagger. "Hey that's mine!" She cried.

Dellan tryed to kick her off him, but it wasn't working. Suddenly, the 
strange...metal-man spoke.

(OOC-Tag Brandon! You seem to need something to do! BTW, the strange woman 
was Zena, in case you were wondering.)

Dellan Kye - Master Thief
Aerissa Gainsly-Midra Princess/Mage/Ancient

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