[nas-2000] Re: NAS 2000 web interface gone after power failure

  • From: "Matthew Roberts" <matthew1471@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <nas-2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 22:13:56 +0100

FAO Markus Woessner,


My friend came over and pressed the NAS power button 4 or so times while it
was booting. I then later turned it on and had the 404 error too instead of
the NAS page. I thought you might benefit to learn how I fixed it if you
haven't already J.


Originally I attempted a factory reset by pressing the factory default
button once, pressing and holding the button, holding the button as the
device was turned on. I'd advise you to only try this if the further steps
below fail as it's possible you might be able to get away without doing this
and thus still keep your data.


I wanted to mount the file system on another machine to see if the data was
at least recoverable. I installed the EXTFS file system driver for Windows
XP/Vista "Ext2IFS_1_11.exe" (http://www.fs-driver.org/extendeddl.html).
Figured it would be quicker than downloading and booting a Linux LiveCD. I
assigned drive letters to each of their partitions. Windows Vista said there
were problems on the disk and it was recommended I fix it but it didn't
actually do anything. Only 1 of the partitions would open (I suspect this is
an Ext2IFS bug).


I downloaded explore2fs-1.08beta7.exe and found I could still grab the data
(music, software, public) if needs be. Explore2fs is read-only but managed
to read all partitions.


Relieved I went back to "My Computer" (and thus Ext2IFS) snooped around the
file system, couldn't find anything of value. You can't chkdsk the drive
with the Ext2IFS driver from what I can tell. I eventually decided to *move*
all of the system files from the NAS in the hope it would recreate them. It
did and the Web UI now worked.


The WebUI wanted to format the drive it said it had found a new disk. I
didn't want to do that.. I turned off the NAS, mounted via USB and then
merged the files that I recovered off the NAS with the current ones. The
shares were then accessible with all the old data available.


I re-created the shares with the same names as before (in the hope SAMBA
would point to it). It worked. The old data was available.


I therefore conclude that this error occurs when the NAS cannot read the
files from one of the system partitions and it will recreate this partition
if it is empty. Moving the files out of this and booting will create them,
copying the old files will preserve the configuration you had before.


Maybe this will help you too,

Matthew Roberts




I have broken 4 NAS 2000's by trying to upload V1 firmware using the JTAG
lead that RAIDSONIC sent, I now believe (based on the same error being
reported online) there is a bug in the boot loader redboot. The particular
NAS 2000 I have at Uni has survived most of the problems as it came with
firmware V2 to begin with, but I was experiencing random crashes with
2.3.2.IB.2 and e-mailed Raidsonic asking for 2.3.2.IB.1 (which it originally
came with) which appears to fix it.


I broke a NAS4200 by doing a firmware upgrade then telling it to setup
RAID.. it said it was creating the RAID and would show the login screen in 4
minutes.. it never came back alive and no amount of disk removal, IP config
and packet sniffing brought it back, so I don't think they're built *that*


I still believe Raidsonic NASes to be above and beyond the competition but
wish they'd undergo more testing particularly of firmware upgrades. I have
recently graduated from computer science at university and would gladly
assist them in this if anyone who works for Raidsonic happens to read this
list or knows if they're hiring ;-).

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