[nas-2000] Upgrading MRT Firmware

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  • Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2008 21:28:11 +0100

Hello All,

I hope you do not mind me revisiting this topic, but I am interested in 
receiving your opinions, advice and suggestions...

Just to remind you I have an MRT Communications 35HD Dual NAS (SATA) with 2 x 
500 Gb (Seagate) hard drives; I recently upgraded to the latest MRT Firmware 
(G5S50033B34), and after various tests I believe this firmware allows TELNET 
access, but not SSH commands.

Ideally I would like 3 things from the device - i) use the 2 hard drives in 
RAID (0) configuration, ii) access files stored on the device securely via the 
internet, iii) stream media (audio & video) files both within and outside my 
home network; I could probably achieve this using one of the following options -

1: Optware - would it be possible to install Optware and other IPKG packages 
(http://mrt.nas-central.org/index.php/Optware) without losing existing firmware 
facilities (e.g. RAID); as my current firmware does not allow SSH commands, 
would this mean installing an SSH deamon like dropbear before installing 

2: Tinky (LS) - after contacting Lord Scaffard the only way he saw to avoid 
losing original MRT features like raid support was doing a new firmware hack 
like the one originally done with Raidsonic firmware that produced Tinky, that 
he ported to our NAS by simply replacing the original kernel. He suggested the 
following procedure  i) compare original Raidsonic image and Tinky image (first 
decompress rd.gz and hddapp.tgz of both, then make a diff between them), ii) 
apply the changed stuff to your reference MRT image, iii) pack the obtained 
rd.gz and hddapp.tgz, iv) try it. This may take a few hours but should work...

3: OpenWRT - again after emailing Lord Scaffard he thought it should be 
possible to make a version of OpenWRT for the Centroid rather than Gemini, but 
there were many things to do, as with OpenWRT for Gemini (that was not yet 
finished); patching openwrt to work with official MRT kernel (2.6.10) instead 
of last one (2.6.24) and configuring the kernel accordingly. The alternative is 
porting the last kernel to our target (Centroid). This was being done for 
Gemini and the work was at about 60%. He thought it could be easy adding 
Centroid support because these are very similar processors.

Unfortunately I believe Lord Scaffard has very little time at the moment, but I 
would be interested in your opinions on the options above; any other advice or 
suggestions would also be much appreciated.

Thanks again

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