[mysql-dde] Re: implementation plan

  • From: "Fabricio Mota" <fabricio.mota@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <mysql-dde@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 00:40:09 -0300

Hey man,

Firstly, can you send me the latest file via email?

Maybe you're being ambitious, or otimist. I find this time very short to 
guarantee these results.
How many people do you have to work on it?
Do all of you already know MySql architecture deep enough?
Don't you need to spend time studying and establishing project solution?


How do you think people from MySQL AB (and from TU Dresden, too) are seeing 
the "time" question? Are you being pressed by them in respect to it?

Consider the answers below:

> Hey,
> had an apointment today with the TU. within the next 4 months we will have 
> a
> prototype with the following functions:
> Add/remove server from cluster,

I think this need a infraestructure implemented to save group management 
data, able to guarantee the low-level comunication management. It spends 

> Create/delete Cluster,

Maybe it is a little bit faster, once the groups table being already 

> Inserts/deletes and selects running,

> Communication protocoll between Servers (the thing with the hint message
> etc.),

Traditionally, it could spend times, too... :)

> "static" distribution of data amon servers (we limited the deistribution 
> to
> a hashcode of a cloumn that determans the location for the row)

Well, if you consider punctual tests, in laboratory, it's ok. But if you 
consider a complete test (from external user transaction), maybe this could 
be a bit more complicated. This action maybe needs to have the engine 
already working. What do you think?

> Also as gloabl limitation: single user system.
> sounds ok to you?

Sounds surreal. :)

> Peter
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> Subject: [mysql-dde] Re: implementation plan
>> I can't open the ftp...
>> An error occurs... :(
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>> > Hey,
>> > I've added the todo list in the global document repository and also
> added
>> > an intial version of the implementation plan. Within the implemntation
>> > plan the blue marked topics are candidates for the sudents to 
>> > implement.
>> >
>> > Peter
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