[mswindowsxp] Re: Scripting Windows XP installs - whats the best tool

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  • Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 09:10:34 -0400

RIS Remote Installation Server.
I've been working with this recently and after you do the requisite =
upgrades to RIS (and SP3 on W2K servers) to get it to do XP and W2K =
servers, it does a nice job of installing XP on systems that have PCI =
nic cards.  You can integrate the service pack into XP, you can install =
apps, and I can now put my company's image down on a workstation (P4, =
1.6GHz, 512MG RAM) in 17 minutes from boot to completion.  It's pretty =
basic -- XP with SP1, (games removed), OfficeXP, Outlook XP, Norton Corp =
Antivirus, Winzip, Adobe... but 17 minutes is WAY fast.

If your desktops don't already have PXE (Pre-boot eXEcution) nics, you =
build a PXE boot disk (explained in most of the docs) boot to the =
floppy, hit F12, give it a user name, password, and domain for an =
account that can add computer accounts to the domain, hit enter a couple =
of times, and let it rip.  Pop the floppy out and head for the next one.

On the other hand, I am not having any luck at the moment with =
discovering how RIS and answer files work together, and the research =
I've done is confusing.  But at this point, all the RIS install requires =
is for the installer to add Name, Organization, and the %*#%#@^* =
25-digit product code.  I know there's a way to give it that information =
- my hope is to find THAT today.

Note that the PCI card requirement eliminates the laptops, unless you =
have a docking station with a PCI card, but other than that, it's =
hardware independent.

Good luck!  700 is a lot of systems!
 -- Christy

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I need to create an unattended install for Windows XP for 8 different =
desktops/laptops.  The machines will be logging in to Windows AD =
2000 Server).  I can do basic unattend.txt type work but was wondering =
apps people are using to script their OS's (GUI based and easy to use =
powerful).  Im not too good at VBScript, Kix etc so if there was a GUI =
ended app that does the hard work, that would be great.

I basically need to be able to automate a script that installs an OS, =
apps, hotfixes, puts the pc in a domain, adds system variables and =
ready for ghosting (which would be the method of deployment).  We have =
desktops I need to rebuild hence me wishing to automate the entire =

How do people out there do this??


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