[mso] Re: Are Office newbies intimidated by this group?

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<<Access questions - it frightens the life out of me!>>

Hey Anne...you ain't alone....to me, what made Access so scarey to me is
that I was so used to the other Office programs when I first started using
Access and I expected it to be similar...WRONG...many Office people I know
refer to Access as "Microsoft's Illegitimate Child" cuz it's so different
from the other Office applications....so, using your general Office
intuitiveness just doesn't work there...don't fool yourself by thinking
"Well, that's in the Format menu of all the other Office programs, so it
must be in the Format menu somewhere in Access", cuz it probably isn't.  And
don't get used to one menu bar or toolbar, cuz everywhere you go in Access,
they change.  AND, grasping the concept that a file in Access is actually a
compilation of MANY objects...tables, forms, reports, queries, etc...all
inside one file, is hard for many to get a handle on.

Believe me, for the longest time I REFUSED to learn Access...but, one day I
was told I had to start teaching it, so I made myself sit down and use
it....and, now I actually enjoy using it.  No way will I ever be on the
level of some of the people in this group, but I love using Access for some
of my own personal needs....organizing my music, my Christmas lists and
expenses, etc. It's actually kinda fun...and I promise you, I NEVER thought
I would say that LOL 

Linda F. Johnson, M.A., MOS
Linda's Computer Stop
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I can't even answer easy Access questions - it frightens the life out of



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