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Tuesday: Isaiah 49:1-6
?The Lord called me from birth, from my mother?s womb he gave me my name?.
Names are important.  We can imagine God speaking to us and calling us by
our favorite name.  That is the name we call ourselves.  Mine is ?Margie?.  
Each name only finds meaning in the person we become.
So who have we become and what do we feel is our place in life?  How has God
called you?  
Fr. Pat is doing a little evangelizing during his visits to the hospital,
not because anyone has told him to, but because that is who is.   God has
called him and he has found his place and mission in life.  His passion to
reach out to people goes deep in his spirit.  When we open ourselves to
God?s will and let ourselves become the ?light to the nations? we can not
help but shine, even through the hard times of life.  And we all will have
hard times, but with God?s presence with in us, shining through our attitude
and presence before others, those times will bring grace and joy to us.
I will see that Fr. Pat receives all your little notes to read.
Thank you for your love, concern and prayers.

God Bless,

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