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I've left messages on his pager, home and office. His wife said he was 
on his way ot his office. I've invited him to attend tommorrow night or 
at least to call or write...we shall see. We shall press on, regardless!

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Hi - I wanted to give you a quick reminder e-mail to make a quick call 
to our client. He has not been prompt in answering e-mails and has not 
been available to assist us much. There is some concern that he has not 
given his OK for our audio clips. I saw some of the interview with Mr. 
Anders in the computer lab. It looked great. 

Please give the Doc a quick call and request his input.  We have sent 
numerous e-mails asking for information (input) on 

1- Post Operation 

2- Pre Operation 

3- The actual Operation 

Without information we will have to use the internet and risk having 
"bad content..." 


Julie Aldridge 

BTW: I fly out for Texas tomorrow early AM. I don't think I will by back 
in time for class Wednesday.. but I will try.. 




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