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Giuliani was mayor of NYC from 1994-2001.

The FBI crime stats cover that period. Crime dropped nationwide during that period.

Here is the data again: http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/cvict.htm Starting in 1994, violent crime plummeted to less than half. Property crime has been in a steep decline since 1973. This nationwide trend holds for many other crimes: http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/glance.htm#Crime

Crime fell, regardless of local policies in NYC. Property crimes began to drop TWENTY YEARS BEFORE Giuliani took office.

Eric, there is nothing to argue here. You have no plausible evidence. All you have is claims by politicians, asserting their policies were successful.

But the facts undermine that.


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Andreas: You're trying to prove Giuliani stopped crime in NYC, and you support this by saying that you don't know anything about crime in other cities.

You misunderstand. I am asserting that Giuliani is the most competent executive seeking the Presidency. He has a record of unsurpassed excellence in running NYC, the second hardest job in the US. No other candidate is as experienced or has demonstrated as much capacity -- in budgetary savvy, infrastructure improvement, crime reduction, and improved city economy.

Because he's GOP, and despite the fact that he's a social liberal, you naturally want to undermine any statement that would give support to a GOP candidate. That I would support a Giuliani-Obama ticket seems lost on you. That's your prerogative.

Therefore, when I mentioned crime -- as only one example of Rudy's excellent administrative and executive abilities -- you immediately jumped in to discredit the assertion, using illogical arguments at first. Now you cite some of the FBI statistics I examined while trying to defend the crime issue.

Note that your data ends at 2005.

In 2005, crime started going *up* nationwide, but in NYC it kept going *down* and has continued in that direction.

Bloomberg, who *admits* building on Giuliani's success, reports for 2007, NYC, largest US city in population, is now 221st in crime of cities with population over 100,000. Of the ten top largest cities in the US, it is naturally the tenth.

So your claim that crime has dropped nationwide is no longer true. Crime is going up nationwide, and still decreasing in NYC as part of Rudy's legacy -- which the current mayor admits. You are free to disagree with Bloomberg however. What does he know?

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