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I don't know about Canada, but in the US welfare fraud has always been peanuts 
compared to corporate fraud of the government.  And no profession seems above 
it.  Doctors defraud Medicare and Medicaid to the tune of billions, military 
contractors defraud the government to the tune of hundreds of billions, housing 
contractors defraud HUD of billions every year, it just goes on and on, often 
with the connivance of government officials.  The poor are very poor defrauders 
of government, even with though they number in the millions, they can't 
approach the damage done by the wealthy defrauders.  Halliburton and KRB eat 
the poor for breakfast and write it off as entertainment.

btw, we haven't had a report on what's happening on Theoria in a long time.  
Are they celebrating the conviction of Lay and Skelling?  : )

Mike Geary

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    Lawrence wrote:

    > Neither is blaming the government for their poverty.


    ck: Because the government is providing them with an income, Lawrence--the 
very thing you've been objecting to, I thought. 

  Nah... I think Lawrence is objecting to 'exorbitant' government income. You 
know like "I don't care if they pay your rent and buy you food, but damned if 
I'm going to keep you in beer and smokes".  That's perhaps an extreme position, 
but in Canada, where it's almost as socialist as Europe, that 'beer and smokes' 
has escalated to include "cell phones, big screen tvs, cars, etc". It kind of 
ticks a fellow off who has a 'good' job and still can barely afford those very 
same conveniences. I guess it must be the LACK of that 20,000 I pay to the 
government every year so that those people can live. 

  I still haven't arrived at a decision about to what extent I condone 
government support. I don't like what i see down South with utter destitution 
on every corner of big cities, folks truly left to rot, but I can't go whole 
hog either. I deeply resent that a good portion of my paycheque is divied up to 
the rest of the society for their -- in many, many cases, chosen proclivities 
towards 'poverty'. It's gone beyond just surviving above the poverty lines. 
There is a very sophisticated, organized boondoggle going on that is draining 
our 'welfare' system. These people are professional loafers who are living off 
the government and there are tens of thousands of them. 

  In case anyone thinks I speak from a position of ignorance, I urge you to 
visit 280 Sammon Ave in Toronto, an apartment I inhabited for 8 months in 1993 
that my partner (at the time) and I called "Hell Hath Three Stories". I think 
her and I were the ONLY people in the place who actually had a source of 
non-governmental income. That place was a non-stop party, unless you actually 
had to be somewhere in the morning. There are hundreds of buildings just like 
it in Toronto and every other city in Canada.

  feeling non-nostalgic,


  Paul Stone
  Kingsville, ON, Canada 

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