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>There is a very sophisticated, organized boondoggle going on that is draining >our 'welfare' system. These people are professional loafers who are living off >the government and there are tens of thousands of them.

ck: I keep hearing about such people, but I honestly haven't known anyone like that. I wonder if there's some urban mythology going on. How do people pull off big welfare fraud schemes? I'm curious. Really.

It's not so much "big" in the sense that ONE person is ripping off big time, it's just that there is a very large network of people who know how to 'work' the system. Apparently, they are perfectly happy to subsist on 10-15 grand a year -- the trouble is... they aren't earning a CENT of it and they will NEVER earn a cent of itm AND they're find with that. I thought it was a myth too until I moved into a big city and witnessed it on every corner. It was truly disheartening. If I told you what went on in this neighbourhood, you wouldn't believe me.


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