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Tonight we play in the finals.

Just for some people who might object to my nomenclature -- note the wording 'play'... yes, this is called a 'battle' of the bands, but it's mostly play-like. We watch each other and encourage each other with kind words. All the bands who have been sticking it out every Thursday for the past 2 months know who is good and who isn't. We are all clapping and rooting for each other and the 'battle' is mostly for bragging rights -- and a few hundred bucks. It's definitely constructive -- we've already been offered jobs to play elsewhere -- and dammit, if it's not fun. Playing "music" in front of appreciative people is probably up there with scoring a winning goal in a hockey arena or on a soccer pitch full of people on my list of "exhilarating things to do". Next time you pass a bar with music playing, remember that there's a whole lot of people having 'fun' in there and not the least are the people playing the music.

"Listen to my music
And hear what it can do
Theres something here as strong as life
I know that it will reach you"
Neil Peart (2112 IV. Presentation)

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