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  • From: Chris Bruce <bruce@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 10:01:57 +0200

On 8. Jun 2006, at 22:51, Paul Stone wrote:

Tonight we play in the finals. … We were told last week that audience participation is a factor, so tonight, at 9:30 p.m. EST wherever you are, give a 'woo hoo' for about 25 minutes to help us out. Thank YOU, thank you very much [practicing my gratuitous rockstar salute]

No doubt after all the good times bad times you've been through with your band, Paul, you're wondering how many more times you've got to get up on that stage before you get the recognition you deserve. Communication breakdown with the audience can sometimes be a problem, leaving both performers and listeners dazed and confused. But I've got a feeling that tonight will go right for you - with legions of new-found fans screaming out "You shook me!" and calling out for more. Tonight, your time is gonna come.

The next paragraph is to be read sotto voce into Paul's ears only:

This afternoon the first game in the Football World Cup finals is being played in Munich. Surely with the technical proficiency in electronics that is these days a part of every rock musician's repertoire, it would be a simple matter to 'splice' some of the enthusiasm that will have surrounded that game (and it's several-hour introductory celebrations) into the audience's atmosphere as you are playing ….

(Given the name of your band, I have no doubt what song you'll be closing your set with, but I strongly recommend as an opener 'How Many More Times' - containing what is surely one of the best riffs in rock history for dragging the most reluctant audience members into foot-stomping, head-banging ecstasy. One last tip: don't start your set by having band members emerge from translucent fibreglass pods. This can sometimes go wrong ….)

Chris Bruce,
now back from J. Page et alii's home country and
trying to sort through the archive for SoS postings, in
Kiel, Germany

P.S. From what I hear on the radio, it sounds like our Omar is (single-handedly?) taking on the German national team in that first World Cup game. That doesn't' sound very fair - particularly as it has also been announced that Germany's star player (Bollocks, or some such name) has injured himself. However, as a die-hard Phil-Lit fan, I know where my loyalties lie (just don't let any of my neighbours know.) Go, Kusturica, go!


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