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> The U.S. Invading Iraq really taught those potential terrorists a 
> thing or two.  It was good old fashioned police work that caught 
> them.
> No, Andy, it was good new Australian counterintelligence that 
> caught them. The police are out directing traffic.

Whatever.  It's good old fashioned counterintelligence that caught them. 
Not the soldiers in Iraq.

> Sometimes I think "Andy" is a computer program. This imagined 
> "Andy" browses posts for key words which then trigger scripts 
> that choose among options like:
> 1. Bush is evil and stupid, as is everyone remotely associated 
> with him.

He and his cronies definitely got suckered into something they can't get
out of.

> 2. Americans are stupid, incompetent at everything, and we are 
> all doomed.

Like when I was told I support suicide bombings.  

> I wouldn't mind this too much if he didn't go out of his way to 
> misread my posts, and turn them into occasions to repeat the same 
> (1) and (2)points above.

Your point that I so misread was that our boys over there are good boys and
they'd never hurt anybody on purpose and the insurgents target civilians. 
When civilians and insurgents are indistinguishable, it becomes a
philosophical discussion about intentions.  In reality, civilians die at
American hands.

> Then there is the other "Andy," who proves he is not a computer 
> program by posting interesting comments and links and riling people.
> Hmm. Maybe he only runs the "Andy" program when he is otherwise 
> occupied overseeing the extensive grounds of his palatial estate 
> at Amago-on-Hudson. When he's outside in jodhpur breeches, 
> selecting which Arabian stallion to ride, the "Andy" program is 
> on, letting us know that--no matter what we write--it boils down 
> to (1) and (2) above.

Eric, your talent is amazing.  But in situations like this, when you use it
instead of facts and reality, well, what can I say.  Regarding my other
question about would you go to Iraq if that was the condition on which that
war would be waged, I can't blame, you, I wouldn't go either.  And, guess
what?  We wouldn't be in this mess with no way out and be safer and
stronger in the bargain.

Andy Amago

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