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Oh, Lawrence, here you go again. We went through this last week. Leftists, Rightists, defeatists, traitors, nationalists, patriots, etc... are all local politics and those don't matter anymore because the structure of the economy has changed.


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I don't believe that's true.  The U.S. Isn't single-minded.  It's got its
Leftists who would like to see the U.S. defeated, the descendents of those
who gave "big bad Russia" nukes to aim at us so we would have to aim nukes
at them; they have always wanted to see the U.S. disarmed.  It's got its
pacifists who don't want to fight any war with anyone; they would like to
see us get rid of our nukes.  It's got its Globalizers, its Wendell Wilkie's
"One-Worlders" whose loyalty is to the world and not to any nation; they
would like to see all weapons kept to a bare minimum and see no need for
Nukes.  Our Hamiltonians could want nukes to protect their business
interests abound the world, but with enough assurance that they don't need
them, they could be induced to give them up.  Some of our Jacksonians, who
are isolationists at heart, might want to keep them because they pretty much
don't trust the rest of the world and would need a very good reason to give
up the nukes, but they don't trust our government all that much either and
wouldn't be surprised if they were outvoted and their nukes destroyed.



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Omar: Is there a scenario for eliminating the US nuclear weapons ?

Lawrence: When the world is utterly at peace with no more Islamists, no more
rogue states like North Korea or Iran, and a reliable means for checking and
stopping a nation with roguish designs from developing nuclear weapons, the
U.S. would in a Fukuyamian future be willing to get rid of its nuclear
weapons as the last nation who has them.

They might be 'able' to do it, but they certainly never WOULD. Do you actually believe they REALLY disarmed all those thousands of nukes they had aimed at big bad Russia in the 70s? Of course not, they just re-aimed them. There will NEVER be a day without nuclear weapons. It'd be too dangerous.


Paul Stone
Kingsville, ON, Canada


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