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I should have known.  Here I was, all ready to impart the dream I had last
night about a massive flesh eating bumble bee.  It wasn't nearly as
interesting as the dream in which I was a pirate and had to slay a fire
breathing dragon by running the dragon's human daughter through with
Excalibur in order to lure the beast to my underground hotel on an island
made of amusement park rides, where I defeated the monster and then had to
navigate my wooden pirate ship through a treacherous storm, but it was still
pretty exciting.  There was some other side plot to the bumble bee dream,
but I can't remember what it was.  Some quick money making scheme that a
group of pre-teens had devised that resulted in my having to pay around five
hundred thousand dollars a month for a Lincoln I didn't buy.  Who knows.  Ah
well, pizza time.


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> In the last few months, the BBC showed The Power of Nightmares, a 3-part
documentary on the
> relation between al Qaeda and the US neoconservatives.
> Both groups are fundementalists in strong reactions against liberal
secular democracies.
> Both have discovered that they need to shock their populations, which is
why both groups are
> using political terror against their own populations.
> Both of these fundementalist groups have now become dependant on each
other, using each
> other to terrify their own populations.
> This documentary ties together some 20-30 years of American politics. It
shows how the
> neocons came out of an obscure beginning and how they developed in
reaction to other events.
> It explains why the neocons have gotten into a dark alliance with the
Christian Right.
> The documentary makes it clear why the neocons started a jihad against
Clinton, using
> massive lies (Whitewater, etc.) and impeachment in order to destroy the
White House. There
> was a purpose to their actions.
> It also shows why they used every means possible, incl. massive vote
fraud, to seize the
> presidential elections for Bush and why the USA just hasn't seemed to
capture bin Laden. W
> Bush is not the president of the USA. He is merely a handpuppet. The real
power is Rumsfeld,
> Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle, and others.
> Someone transcribed the broadcasts and it can be read at
> http://www.silt3.com/index.php?id=573 You can also watch the broadcast
> I've copied the transcription and made single Word document out of it (22
pages). If you
> prefer that, let me and I'll either email it to you or post it to a
> yrs,
> andreas
> www.andreas.com
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