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What was the reaction to this documentary?  
Was it the same sort of 'documentary' that the Swift Boat people created  
about John Kerry?  (I would imagine that those who voted for Bush & Co  would 
the same things about that BBC documentary that the Kerry people here  were 
saying about the Swift Boat documentary--which aired here.)
I just wondered because I have heard *nothing* about it -- even from the  
Democrat-oriented groups in this area which are kind of 'fringe-like'.  
(It might have helped had Clinton not given the 'other side' so much to  look 
at that appalled a number of people...<wry look>  Granted, no  one is perfect 
and all--and I definitely have wanted to have someone in the  White House 
that I could respect and our current president definitely does not  fulfill 
need, either.  But, neither did Clinton.  He was about as  creepy (to me) as 
our current president--just on a different level [though they  both were very 
good at giving favors to those who had supported them in various  fashions...])
What sorts of critques has the documentary gotten?   Has anyone  heard what 
others have said about it?
(I will go read the transcript--will have to be later, though...)
Still--the whole discussion about religion and how the 'fundamentalists'  are 
so alike has made me want to go dig out Peter Berger's book The Heretical  
Imperative.  It's been some time since I read it, but it made SO much  sense.  
Has anyone a copy handy?
Luck in the shadows--all of them [even the ones in the nightmares],

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