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When I am totally insomniacal (is that a word?) you amuse me endlessley.  
Erin.   For that I thank you.
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1.  No matter what the question was, neither  of the candidates addressed
what was asked.
1.1  Since when does  health care have to do with the environment?
2.  George W. Bush was  about to say "reverse" instead of "reserve".
3.  The women in the  audience were very poorly dressed.
4.  One guy asked a really stupid  question that requested Kerry to look into
the camera and tell the  truth
5.  George W. Bush owns a small timber company?
6.  I  can't believe you think Canadian drugs will kill you.
7.  I flipped  between the debate and That 70's Show.
7.1  I also managed to watch the  new Jessica Simpson music video.
7.2  My mother thinks that when she  said "pieces of me" she is really saying
"fish earls".
7.3  I don't  know how the association was initially made.
7.4. I think she's just  disturbed because they're leaving for Israel
tomorrow and she left their  revised wills at the office.
7.5  I said I'd be in charge of all their  financial investments.
8.  I think both candidates are full of  shit.
8.1  I'm glad I'm not American.
8.2  I don't care if I  have to wait for five hours to see a doctor at the
hostpital for a cut that  needs two stiches.
8.3  I don't have any cuts that need stitches, but I  did fall down the
stairs yesterday.
8.4  I thought that maybe if I  broke my ankle I wouldn't have to write my
8.5  I didn't break  my ankle.
9.  The debate was on at least six channels.
10.  I  rather liked Kerry's closing remarks.
11.  I rather liked Bush's appeal  to the "scrutiny of history" in regards to
his mistakes.
12.  I  rather liked my bottle of Moosehead more than I cared for either  of
13.  It was a very small audience.
14.  Who the hell  goes to these things?
15.  Was it really "live"?
16.  Who do you  all vote for?
17.  Are you all the sort of people that don't like to  tell who you vote
18.  Can you tell I don't care a whit about  politics?
19.  Do you know who the Canadian Prime Minister  is?
19.1  Paul, you don't count.
19.2  Phil, neither do  you.
20.  If I made over 200,000 a year, I'd like a tax  break.
20.1  If I didn't make over 200,00 a year, I'd like a tax  break.
21.  I just got another G.S.T cheque.
21.1  Yes, that's  c-h-e-q-u-e.
22.  Why aren't I out?
22.1  I have to take the  parental units to the airport in the morning.
23.  Guess  what?
23.1  I HAVE A  PLAN.


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