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David, my rolls are all they can be. Unfortunately, they are around where my waist used to be, once upon a time.

Relate totally with your weather situation. In the last two days or so we have had 10 inches of snow, then ice, then rain, and now one vast state of a skating rink since the rain froze. I hope relatives get here, since here is where Christmas dinner is. Assuming of course they don't get blown off the roads, since now we have high winds. Is it April yet? Didn't think so.

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Yesterday I awoke betimes. I thought I might go back to sleep, but our cats are currently suffering from snow dementia. One decided to do bedroom sprints; another thought this might be a good opportunity to practice ambush technique. Naturally, a fight ensued. Up I got and out into the snow I went, trying to free a car so that E. could go help at L.'s office. Clearing the drift was a bit of work; the rest required ingenuity, great manliness and a can of de-icing spray. Finally I got into the car, to find that the battery had gone flat.

Mine is not the only brain with homonym problems. In papers yesterday the things abounded, plentiful as beasts in Jonathan Swift. One example, "There is no doubt that the Axis lost World War II, being mostly military governments they had entered into a point in their history when expansionism played a large roll in their national identity."

Grading is part of the job, but after a while the words tend to run and dribble beneath one's eyes; like J.'s makeup after the "Scott of the Wotsit" experience, they smudge--to use a favorite word-- the aspect.

We put in a call to my great aunt and learned that my cousin's daughter went into the hospital recently with a suspected appendicitis. She emerged with a baby. Maybe someone was playing a roll?

Currently there's yet more snow coming down so we don't currently know where we'll be passing Christmas. Plan A was to eat with with friends, but they live 500 feet higher up than us. Plan B is to cook a lump of dead animal that I secured in a brief snow-chained run to the shops yesterday. Plan C is an emergency plan, sketchy at present--and may it stay that way-- involving chocolate, a wood fire and no electricity.

To Lit-Ideas chums, Happy Christmas one and all. May your rolls be all they can be, and not one T proposition or Popper jot more.


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