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I still don't understand why it was so difficult for those in the positions of 
planning to SEE that they ought to have thought of all sorts of possibilities 
which might have occurred and then to have set in place various contingency 
plans. (I'm always creating plans A, B, and C in my own little life...<wry 

I still think there are several scenarios which could be set in place which 
would be very creative and not only 'salvage' what is left of Iraqi culture but 
which would actually create something new for everyone. The lack of creativity 
which keeps coming out of those who actually have the power/control to do 
something about what is happening--it stuns me.  

Side question:  Did anyone else see the CEO of Exxon on television a couple of 
weeks ago?  Was kind of interesting...he was very good at dodging questions. 
(One would assume that he would be in order to be where he was--obviously has 
had media spin training <wry look>)

Another side note: I'll be in Houston next week and also the last week in June 
if there are any who live in that area and would like to meet for 
dinner/drinks.  (Most of my evenings will be free)  There is also the only 
graduate program in the U.S. for Future Studies there, as well, and that will 
be intriguing to explore. <g> I do like the Futurist magazine...


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> "I'm willing to say policy was still correct, but I'm not willing to take
> the blame for people's inability to carry it out in an 
> effective fashion."
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