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The ice-racing and Virginia's ice-trek and the visions of (Beth?  Bessie?  
it's been a while) in the stars knocked me flat.  The waterfall bath 
description...  his visual descriptions of everything were so intense and so 
beauty-bathed.  It was, yes, a little uneven ....  but the extraordinary parts 
were SO 
extraordinary....  and when I read the last page it was one of those books that 
grieved was over; I wanted more pages and more.  But beyond all that it was a 
book of such enormous grace....  I have to admit in my ignorance to being 
shocked at your e-mail.  I did not know <gasp of shame> that he was a 
speech-writer for Bush Sr.  But not even that can dim my adoration.  I did not 
even know 
he had other novels.  I think because someone told me he was a political type 
and broke the mold long enough to write one fiction piece.  They will be 
ordered tout de suite.
Julie Krueger

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maybe someone here 
will have read this deluge of beauty?).
Yes, I've read it. The opening sections with the horse running through lower 
Manhattan is gorgeous prose. Helprin succeeds beyond expectation for about 
pages, IMHO, absolutely stunningly imagined.  However, the story seems to 
flatten into burlesque with the battling newspaper chains and I left it with 
sense that he didn't create a unity.  _Memoir Found in an Antproof Case_ has 
amusing narrator, and strikes me as more successful. _A Soldier of the Great 
War_ likewise.  My favorite Helprin novel is _Refiner's Fire_. 

His short stories strike me as even more accomplished, great models of 
blazing technique, such as in the _Ellis Island_ collection. 

Don't know what fiction he's written since that stint as Bush, Sr.'s 
speechwriter. Maybe that experience just knocked the wind out of him and all 
he does 
is politics? Sad if true.

Always ready with two cents,

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