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The concept of tolerance permits us to practice any sort of belief we like
as long as it doesn't infringe on the rights of anyone else.  When a
Buddhist immigrates into the U.S., he is not going to have a problem with
this concept.  But a Fundamentalist Muslim will.  He is going to immigrate
knowing full well that he is going to violate the concept of toleration.  He
is going to infringe on the rights of others and he knows it.
Bear in mind that we are talking about "Fundamentalist" Muslims.  My
nephew's fiancé is a Cambodian Muslim, but she is not a Fundamentalist.  She
has a little Shiba Inu named Hiru that she loves dearly.  
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Lawrence:What gall someone must have to move into a foreign nation and
insist that it accept his standards and customs. If he can't accept a
foreign nation's standards -- or at least be tolerant of them -- then he
should stay in his home country. What, his nation is too poor to pay him a
living wage? That should tell him something right there, but that is his
problem and he shouldn't heap his problems upon a host nation.
I agree with this.  But there ought to be a place where immigrants can
practice their beliefs, life styles, etc.  After a few generations they
mostly tend to give them up.  But I like the idea that the cab driver must
place a sign in the cab that he accepts dogs.  Blind persons ought to have a
third party near them so they can get the license of the driver who refuses.
A few of these revocations of licenses would solve the problem.
Veronica Caley
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