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Lawrence:What gall someone must have to move into a foreign nation and insist 
that it accept his standards and customs. If he can't accept a foreign nation's 
standards -- or at least be tolerant of them -- then he should stay in his home 
country. What, his nation is too poor to pay him a living wage? That should 
tell him something right there, but that is his problem and he shouldn't heap 
his problems upon a host nation.

I agree with this.  But there ought to be a place where immigrants can practice 
their beliefs, life styles, etc.  After a few generations they mostly tend to 
give them up.  But I like the idea that the cab driver must place a sign in the 
cab that he accepts dogs.  Blind persons ought to have a third party near them 
so they can get the license of the driver who refuses.  A few of these 
revocations of licenses would solve the problem.

Veronica Caley
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