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All this means is that Eric has never been in a Turkish bathhouse.


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You're all gonna lash me for this, but what the heck.

Looking at a photo of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, I had a weird sociobiological thought. What if terrorism is not about postcolonial stress, US foreign policy, religion, ethnicity, ideology, or oil?

What if terrorism, on some deep genetic level, is about hairy-backed males securing females with whom to mate?

Hairy-backed males are at a selective disadvantage in mating. It's a real turn-off for females. In the secular West, many hairy-backed males get their backs waxed so as to appeal to females.

Islam -- and this is only incidental to Islam by the way -- creates a rigid male-dominant structure where the hairy-backed male members can secure procreation rights to females. The females cannot easily divorce and are more or less the property of the males. Islamic societies allow the hairy-backed in their populations to mate more easily.

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