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Dearest Lurker....

   a long time ago in a land far far away was a List entitled " Philosophy
and Literature". I remember a very astute and learned Gentleman  posted this
piece of wisdow that i will be fond to pass on to you : <paraphrasing...when
one has an opinon sometimes that opinion can be changed, amended, and or
modifyed. However when on has a "position". Rarely will that person move
from that position.
   I have found that Omar has good points, sometimes and is very passionate
about posting--thats a good thing. I beg you share . Post what you gleen .
This is a good List and your input, rebuttals or opinions are greatly

   Joseph Wells
Literature and Writing Dept.
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> Recently there has been on this list a discussion of antisemitism and the
> Middle East, and I thought I saw an opportunity for me to contribute a
> minor fact that was of my personal knowledge. After I had contributed that
> fact, another contributor to this list, "Omar Kosturica," snapped back in
> the following manner:
> >This happened during the early days of the Islamic
> >revolution. So are we now going to tell an anecdote or
> >two from Europe during World War II and conclude
> >thereof that the European societies are, have always
> >been, and will always be, pervasively anti-Semitic ?
> >Or an anecdote from Russia during the 'pogrom' days,
> >and draw similar conclusions about the Russian society?
> Since I do not appreciate being responded to in such a manner, I am going
> to return to lurking. I wish I had not bothered to share my information,
> such as it was, with this list.
> This "Omar Kosturica" continued with an irrelevancy about something he
> seems to remember from several centuries before he was born:
> >I seem to remember that the grandfather of Nathaniel
> >Hawthorne sentenced a Quaker woman to be whipped in
> >the streets of Boston, which is mentioned in one of
> >his stories.
> The person to whom "Omar Kosturica" seems to be referring to was Nathaniel
> Hawthorne's great-great-great-grandfather William Hathorne (1606/07-1681),
> rather than one of his grandfathers. He had arrived on these shores in
> on the Arbella, settling in  Dorchester in New England and then moving to
> Salem. This great-great-great-grandfather would serve as a Major in wars
> against the Americans and become a Magistrate and Judge of the Puritans,
> and we have his holograph signature upon a warrant for the whipping out of
> town of Friend Anne Coleman for being a Quaker. Nathaniel Hawthorne the
> fiction writer, one of this man's great-great-great-grandsons, did in fact
> refer to this warrant in one of his fictions.
> Omar Kosturica's summation was:
> >What could this tell us about the American society?
> I would respond with "What could it tell us about this lit-ideas list,
> a lurker, myself, rose from lurking for a moment, and contributed
> -- only to promptly regret having bothered to do so?"
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