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  • Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 22:31:11 -0500


So can anyone tell me where I can find Jack London's recipe for
cooking a seagull?

I can't tell you that since I've never read any of Jack London. Googling, which I'm sure you've done as well as and probably even better than moi, I was only able to learn that it was in a short story in which it is finally concluded (after many elaborate directions) that one should throw the seagull away because birds that eat fish are not worth eating. A short story, eh? Yeah, well, not short enough for me. I paged through a few electronically, but there were so many words, one after another likes brinks in a wall, so much so that I just got bored. And what the hell anyway, whatever the recipe, I'm sure it tasted like chicken, everything does except Cherry Garcia ice cream. My black friends -- OK then, my black friend -- calls chicken "the bird", says "I love the bird. Praise God for the bird." If avian flu killed off all the chickens in all the world, I think there would be global mass suicides of Biblical proportions. I know I'd choose to go. Life without chicken is like something without something essential to give meaning and zest to it, if you'll forgive the metaphor. But what is a meta for except to transcend the whatever, so that you can talk about it, know what I mean? So is chicken the metaphor for heaven? For God? Should chicken be capitalized? Interesting questions all.

Hope this helps.

Mike Geary
former feeder of chickens
and gatherer of eggs
and victim of rooster abuse
in Memphis
where you can no longer have chickens in your back yard, but you can have peacocks who scream bloody fucking murder whenever they choose to. I'd like a recipe for peacock.

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