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In the same way it was created. Religion is just a way of controlling people, except of course, one's own religion, which is always the True Religion.

I recently read a movie reviewer who said that there are two very interesting and difficult times in a critic's life:

1) is trying to remain objective about a bad movie that you totally agree with.


2) is trying to remain objective about a very good movie that you fundamentally disagree with.

I'm reading Dawkins' (Richard) "The God Delusion" right now. I'd be VERY interested to see what a religious person who reads it thinks. The question is, like the biased critic, "would anyone who is truly religious be capable of reading it seriously?" At the same time, I suppose I'm Dawkins' favourite reader since I'm already fully converted to his side of the fence. But I just can't help wondering how someone could begin to dismiss what he says with a "no, no, no, you just don't understand religion" which is what I hear from people all the time.

I think I did a pretty good job of remaining open minded when I read Behe's "Darwin's Black Box" a few years back. I granted him every one of his postulates, except his conclusion "therefore, it MUST have been created." He didn't 'prove' anything. But that's not automatic naysaying that I fear WOULD happen in reading something as audacious as "the God Delusion". It's very refreshing that Dawkins finally wrote this book. It's a long time coming. Very interesting stuff.

Any ideas?


Paul Stone
Kingsville, ON, Canada

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