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Looking into how one does a tour of slaughter, this year being the anniversary 
of same, I typed "Visiting WW1 Battlefields" into a search engine.  The first 
hits you get suggest that British battles were about the only ones going--Ypres 
to the Somme-- but further down the page you come to the Meuse Tourism website 
which has the following claim, 
Verdun, Capital of the Great War

Verdun, the best-known town in the world after Paris, provides the way in to 
the battlefields of the Meuse. 

Thinking of exposure, you may have come across this story:

> http://www.slate.com/blogs/xx_factor/2014/02/06/the_sleepwalker_at_wellesley_students_complain_that_a_statue_of_a_man_in.html
I feel the same way about the lions of Trafalgar Square, poised to jump at me, 
about all equestrian statues, poised to commit equestricide, and about the 
Embankment's statue of Boadicea in her chariot with scythes attached...posed to 
remind me of the trauma of losing one's head.  Since I suffer from Historical 
Memory Syndrome (not to be confused with any of Her Majesty's Ships) I'm more 
susceptible than most to such fears.

Benin is on my mind because E's just was told that she's to go there with the 
Peace Corps.  I wrote, "I quote from wikipedia, 'The Bight of Benin is part of 
the Gulf of Ghana.'  May Benin prove benign and not benighted."  She was 
amused.  Largest city has fewer than seven hundred thousand people.  But they 
do have a biennale, with accompanying blither,

Might be more fun than slaughter.

Carry on,

David Ritchie,
experiencing iced east winds that knife us in
Portland, Oregon

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