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"The old Vedic  worship was a libation to the god of fire."
PUSEY  Lect. Daniel, 1864, ix. 558 
R. Paul refers to a chord:
>>This chord is surely part of the overture to the 
>>Pythagorean music of the spheres. Mike Geary 
>>could probably strum it for you on his  National
Geary comments:
>That old thing?  I haven't played it since 
>Dylan plugged in.  My new one is
>outlined in lavender neon tubing with 
>phosphorescent frets.  It's awesome.
>Mike  Geary
Back to the chord -- it has been proved by Ravi Shankar to be an E major --  
with minor modifications --. Incidentally, Ravi Shankar is cited by S. Sarduy 
in  his great novel, _Cobra_:
"It wasn't Indian music. It was the Beatles.
It was Ravi Shankar."
(p.  100).
If you are interested, there's more on 'Vedic Music' in the ps. --  Cheers,
From the OED
Of or pertaining to, contained or mentioned in, contemporary with,  the 
1848 Rep. Brit. Assoc. Adv. Sci. 1847 321 
It may be observed  that in the Vedic hymns..some dialectic differences and 
many grammatical  discrepancies occur. 
1853 Jrnl.  Amer. Oriental Soc. III. 297 
In many of the  points in which Vedic and Sanskrit disagree, the former 
strikingly approaches  its next neighbors to the westward, the language of the 
Avesta [etc.]. 
1859 MAX MÜLLER Anc. Sanskrit Lit. 10 
The sacred  literature of the Vedic age. Ibid. 11  The..publication of all 
Vedic texts and commentaries. 
1864 PUSEY  Lect. Daniel ix. 558 
The old Vedic  worship was a libation to the god of fire. 
1873 WHITNEY Oriental & Ling. Stud. 1 
A general view of  the whole body of Vedic literature. 
1884 American VIII. 90 
There are still  orthodox Brahmans, who..maintain old Vedic sacrifices. 
1890 SCHRUMPF First Aryan Reader p. xi, 
Specimen B ought to  have preceded specimen A, as Vedic is older than 

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