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"What do you call this?"--that is, this  piece in a game.
 We may say: only someone who already knows how to do something with it can 
significantly ask a name.
And we can imagine the person who is asked replying: "Settle the name  
yourself"--and now the one who asked would have to manage everything for  
Would it change at all if the piece were a Chess Pawn about to be promoted, 
or a piece in Shogi about to assume new powers and able to be placed anywhere 
on the board?
To an extent, in chess, and to a greater extent in Shogi, the piece about to 
be promoted is no longer itself but in the process of transformation, and a 
mystery. Will the Pawn become the usual Queen, or will clever calculation 
promote the Pawn to a Knight or Bishop?

"What is that piece?" one player asks. 
"Wouldn't you like to know?" replies the opponent.

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