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I don't think it's callous. I know a lot of people are mourning the
buildings, and the city and its culture. I happened to focus, early
on, on the people who couldn't leave the city, because it seemed so
bizarre that they could not.  The UK, too, is a very unequal society,
of course.

Friday, September 2, 2005, 12:20:08 AM, Carol Kirschenbaum wrote:

CK> To some, it may seem callous to mourn the loss of buildings in New
CK> Orleans--cemeteries, even, and antebellum plantations. Most architecture in
CK> the city isn't even close to being on anyone's historic monument list, in
CK> fact. Across the Mississippi from the French Quarter are (were?) miles and
CK> miles of shanty barracks that served as minimal housing. Atrocious slums.

CK> Yet of all the smaller cities in the US, New Orleans probably has the
CK> richest history, the most vibrant living culture, and the most distinctive
CK> style. Many of those lost "shotgun" cottages were original slave shacks.
CK> (Same throughout Mississippi. Lost, too?)

CK> Who'd mourn the loss of slave shacks, and of plantations? Good riddance to
CK> them, no? No, not if you've spent any time in the South, or if you recall
CK> that destroying all signs of a conquered culture's physical presence is in
CK> the finest tradition of Chinese warlords.

CK> Who needs warlords, Bush or al Qaeda when we've got nature?  And who needs
CK> nature when we've got a population that, when under siege and threatened,
CK> shoots each other instead of lending helping hands? Gotta appreciate the
CK> attitude of New Yorkers in a crisis, after reading about the dog-eat-dog
CK> stuff going on down in the bayous now.

CK> Disgusted today,
CK> Carol

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>> Update
>> Allan Toussaint got a bus and is on his way to Houston.
>> Re aid: the Houston Food Bank needs supplies

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