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  • Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 02:02:31 -0600


I've never been in anyone's military before but honor and integrity are
good things.  Say and mean what you do is a good principle.  If you take
it is, Mike, what's wrong with that?  Is it the military's fault that
the American government is so fucked up?

Yes, I do take it as a good principle. Absolutely. Just as I take "Honesty is the best policy" as a good principle and "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" as admirable goals (assuming 'American Way' means democracy), and Mom and Apple Pie as noble icons and I profess that we should all want world peace but as public governmental policy I think they belong to the provenance of children.

It's not integrity I hold in disrepute, it's the idea that highly trained, hired killers are exemplars of integrity. I find that obscene. Those shits will kill anyone they're told to kill without batting an eye. They love killing. It's what they live for. They've sacrificed their private lives for it. That's the only integrity they know -- blind obedience.

Honor??? I spit on it. Fathers, brothers kill their daughters for family honor. Men kill one another over insults -- for honor. I spit on honor, I piss on the graves of those who kill for honor. There is no honor in honor. Honor is puffed up megalomania.

It is not the military's fault that the American government is so fucked up. It's the American plutocrats who think they own the American government and the American people and the whole rest of the world including you. What this country need is a really good 5 cent cigar and a leveling depression. But who will buy my pencils then? Hopefully the depression comes after I'm dead.

Mike Geary

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