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I wonder how many other people saved the world by ignoring things?
He didn't ignore the incoming missile alarm, but instead took a calculated 
risk to stand on the side of life. At least that's how I read the article.
What gets me about this story is that Petrov probably single-handedly averted 
nuclear war, and yet he is spending his retirement years in poverty and 
obscurity. Note that the charity had to start a fund drive to raise a measly 
prize for him. 

Anyone who single-handedly averts nuclear war should be given anything they 
want for as long as they live. 

Perhaps 100 million people would have died, even in a limited nuclear 
exchange. Calculating from $1,000 prize they are hoping to raise for Colonel 
he would receive one-two-hundred-thousandth of a cent for every life he may 
have saved. 

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