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. . . .One thing regarding this particular war that I have not heard spoken about for a long time (it was one of the arguments that I had had when I was concerned about this war--for there concern I had was if we used the same types of weapons that we used in the first Gulf War...)
That is, we used depleted uranium (coated?) on weapons that our soldiers used. I don't know if we also did on the bombs we have dropped.
But, the health issues for the civilians because of the first Gulf War regarding things like the deformities, etc. were pretty bad and still there since things had not been cleaned up by anyone.
Did we, are we, still using the same weaponry? Does anyone know?

While uranium as a "heavy metal" is not something one should ingest, the uranium in question is "depleted," meaning that it once
may have been used in a nuclear reactor but it's not the kind of uranium that's particularly radioactive. (That's why nuclear bombs are so difficult to make, and why you need centrifuges; some isotopes of uranium are more radioactive than others.)

But the reason for using the uranium is that the metal is very dense and very strong. It does not deform its shape even under intense stress. So the Army uses this as a "core" for armor piercing rounds. The pointed uranium core penetrates the softer steel armor. Some of it melts or flakes off, flying around the inside of the destroyed tank, and that's the stuff that is most dangerous. But I think the danger is more from the metalic qualities rather than the radioactive qualities. (There are probably a lot more dangerous byproducts of explosions inside a tank; the uranium is probably one of the lesser worries.)

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