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On the  radio, one of the Pentagon planners said that a bomb 
could be dropped ONLY  if there would probably be fewer than 30 civilain 
casualties. We've  dropped, what, 50,000 bombs.....?

One thing regarding this particular war that I have not heard spoken about  
for a long time (it was one of the arguments that I had had when I was 
concerned  about this war--for there concern I had was if we used the same 
types of 
weapons  that we used in the first Gulf War...)
That is, we used depleted uranium (coated?) on weapons that our soldiers  
used. I don't know if we also did on the bombs we have dropped.
But, the health issues for the civilians because of the first Gulf War  
regarding things like the deformities, etc. were pretty bad and still there  
things had not been cleaned up by anyone.
Did we, are we, still using the same weaponry?  Does anyone  know?
(Knowing that we did have illnesses/deformed little ones/etc. in lives of  
the US soldiers from the first war also is something that I have wondered if we 
will ever hear about in regards to this war...)
Just curious...
and re-reading about eliminating peace (met this guy on a plane many years  
ago...when Ben was a little one and he helped me with him on the plane...)   
Very intriguing then and still think about some, now...
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Marlena in Missouri

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