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Now if it had been worded THAT way, I would have answered "no".  I  read the 
question to ask if I were to put up with any conceivable circumstances  in 
which I would have to work.  I answered "yes" thinking that the more  flexible 
appeared to be, the greater the chance for an interview.  At  which time *if* 
offered the job I would learn what those circumstances were to  be and decide 
if I could tolerate them.
Julie Krueger
born in the wrong century, or decade, or planet, or  something

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>  The
>> reason to make fun of the question is  that it's an example of
> the
>> fatuous slop you find everywhere  these days.
> Reword it.
To succeed at the job,  will you need accommodations required by the  ADA?


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