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At 03:17 PM 8/13/2006, you wrote:

Gore Vidal apparently said that the U.S. has one party with two right
wings.  Quoting Morris Berman, _The Twilight of American Culture_ and its
sequel, _Dark Ages America: Final Phase of Empire_.  It isn't the Islamists
who brought on the Dark Ages in this country.  He doesn't even mention

Maybe, when you are quoting, you can put some quotation marks around whatever it is you are quoting, so we can figure it out. Also, was it Gore Vidal who quotes? Or are you quoting Morris Berman? and which one of the books are you or Gore or Morris quoting from?

> Correction: he does talk about OBL, but only in the context that OBL can
> see what Americans refuse to see.

Who is "he"? Vidal or Berman? OR someone else ?

We have collective denial in this country. We are the authors of our problems, and looking at Islamists and
> meddling in the world is a distraction of the sinking that we've been
doing > for a very long time. Fascinating book, should be mandatory reading for
> everyone, but of course nobody will read it.

Which "book" are you talking about?

Really, it's posts like these that make me think you have something to say but no idea how to say it.


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