[LRflex] Re: Using the M6 AS A WEAPON!! :-)

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You are the only other person in my 60 year career as a professional 
photojournalist that I've ever heard used an M in this fashion as we did! I 
suppose there are a few others out there, however I'll stick to the story that 
we are very special Leica M photograpers in fights and fury! :-)
Given the area I'm surprised you got away with it and lived another day. 
Certainly when we hear the stories about some
of those parts that I might call "Off limits parts of town!" :-)

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> Hi Ted,
> A great tale for sure! But sorry to hear abut the abuse.  So I am going to 
> share some details of my encounter;
> I was in East LA in what some call the barrio! I was shooting street scenes 
> of the environment and people going about their regular business nothing 
> special overall but lots of interest in the details.  As I was walking coming 
> towards me were three 20+ something year old gentlemen who were obviously 
> from the area.  As we past each other the one closest to my left shoulder 
> said loudly to the other two 'nice cameras.' I was carrying one M6 with a 
> Rapidwinder (aluminum with cocking lever folded) with a 50mm Summicron 
> mounted and carried across my neck and chest and hanging off my left side.  A 
> second M6 with Rapidwinder (Brass with folded lever) with 28mm Summicron was 
> in my right hand with the strap wrapped around my wrist and hand. Suddenly, a 
> few steps past these gents I feel a large tug on my left shoulder and forcing 
> me to spun around.  As I continued to spin or rather turn I had begin to 
> bring the camera up and seeing that the fairly big young man was pretty close 
> I used m
> y momentum to help bring the M6 with brass winder come into flat contact with 
> the left side of this individuals head and face.  He went down hard, just 
> sort of sat down actually then went over onto his side like a sack of 
> potatoes.  He two friends immediately went to his aid and began to cuss him 
> out!  The lad was conscious but a tad goofy and confused.  His friends 
> apologized and said he got what he deservered, I said I was sorry and as I 
> walked away my step was a bit more focused in putting as much distance as I 
> could between them and myself.
> It wasn't something I enjoyed but at the moment it was a fight or flee 
> situation.
> Regards,
> Wayne
> ps My M's have never ever let me down!   
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>>Wayne Serrano offered:
>>Subject: [LRflex] Re: Using the M6
> Hi Wayne,
> Now I feel really good as I now know I'm not alone using an M camera as an 
> excellent weapon of choice when one's well being is in a moment of peril! :-)
> My situation occurred right after a CFL football game and some "drunks" began 
> pushing and shoving the rent-a-cops around who were asking them to leave the 
> playing field. I shot a few frames just as one drunk saw me shoot him. So now 
> he's in full charge at me wanting my camera, meanwhile I had the strap around 
> my right wrist and trying to calm him down. Oh yeah and I had a Nikon with a 
> 500mm mirror lens attached hanging around my neck on my chest. In any event, 
> I was without question in a "NO WIN SITUATION" this guy was determined to get 
> the camera. So I gave it to him! :-)
> As hard as I could swing it on the neck strap I let him have it base plate 
> flat to the left side of his head.... he dropped like a brick! :-) I mean if 
> you are going to whack someone in this fashion you must do it with all your 
> strength! As you don't want them to get up any madder at you than they are! 
> So WHAAM!!!! 
> His buddies weren't too happy with that, so they jumped me face down on the 
> ground and began punching me in the head and back, fortunately the 
> rent-a-cops saved me . But the impact going down to ground broke the mirror 
> lens right out of the body of the camera. In any event I found out they were 
> off duty police officers in civvies, so it was easy to track them down as I 
> had some sharp clear images of one or two guys brawling and a Canadian Press 
> photog had photographed them on top of me punching away.
> One officer 16 years experience was fired, another suspended and a couple of 
> others were put on other type of duty. The police paid for the repairs. But I 
> bet the guy I clocked with the M4 had a very long headache! ;-) Yep the 
> camera worked just fine and required no service whatsoever. Just got to love 
> those M Leica's in a battle! ;-) 
> cheers,
> ted
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