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  • From: bob palmieri <rpalmier@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 23:31:50 -0500

Folks -

Thanks for your responses - I appreciate hearing from so many folks who've looked at this issue from so many different angles. Next stop for me is gonna be a trial of Silverfast with my Coolscan V.

I got no eyes here to start any kindof tedious digital-versus-film fracas. I understand the great advantages of digital for so many applications, especially rapidly changing situations. Actually, a few weeks ago I was shooting a band for some web promo stuff and the 20D-with-flash&white balance options was just the ticket, as usual. It's just that I felt kindof like I was shooting "still video" or something.

The Kodachromes I've been looking at recently are just somehow pushing some other buttons for me in a way that none of the digi- stuff is reaching. Some combination of its saturation/warmth/grain texture is looking pretty great to me at the moment. (And by the way, Gary, it's true that I never got these kind of results before I started using Leica glass with this film...) For all I know there's some simulation program out there that would really nail this but I haven't looked into those areas yet.

Also, a few weeks ago I had to make a 3 foot print from a K-200 frame f(or which I got a $90 drum scan producing 300ppi at that magnification.) Seeing the results (which I can't achieve with my DSLR) made me feel that I was really seeing the full potential of the original frame. (I suppose it could have been even better printed directly from one of those "enlarger" thingies but I don't think I could afford whoever can really deliver those kind of goods in the analog/chemical realm.)

I'll report back if I see any improvements with the 3rd party scanning programs.

Bob Palmieri
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