[lcfbtech] Re: attachments in protected mode

  • From: lucia greco <lucy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 12:20:21 -0800

 when you open a word document that is in protected view it is because
Microsoft is trying to protect you from   downloading harmful files if
you want to open these files because you trust the sender you should
use the f6 key until your screen reader says something like this file
was downloaded and may be unsafe then tab to the button that says
enable editing. if you mean that the file is a protected form. that is
more complicated. the file needs to have a lot done to it before you
can use it properly with your screen reader. the author needs to add
the information about the field names in the write place for the
screen reader to see the labels and read them to you. and when it
comes to pdf files the only trick i know is open your acrobat reader
with out a document and go in to the  access settings and set the
large documents size to less then 10 pages. the default is 50 pages
and some times this works the computer so hard the screen reader dys
i can't tell you wair to find the settings as in every vertion of
acrobat it changes  i hope some of this helps lucy

On 12/19/12, Scott Blanks <scott_blanks@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dazell,
> Can you tell us more about the attachments? Are you able to open them at
> all? Do you get a message when you try to open them? If so, what is the
> message? Regarding pdf, Jaws does occasionally freeze up, or become
> temporarily unresponsive when opening these documents, especially if they
> are very large files. Sometimes patience is the best approach. Give it
> another minute if you find that jaws stops talking. Occasionally, alt
> tabbing between the pdf file and other programs will yield a response from
> Jaws. I have also found that insert escape will snap Jaws out of its
> temporary haze.
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> What do I do to open an attachment that is in protected mode?
> How can I file out a PDF document?
> How come JAWS shuts off when I try to open a PDF document?
> Thanks;
> Dazell

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