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Err ... Exsqueeze me ... baking powder?

Chris, What part of; I quote ... 

"I'm completely aware that you don't learn anything without doing it,
and I have MANY Linux books for administrators which I have started to
read already."

Un-quote, don't you understand?  I suggest you get to know me, and get
to know the fact that I'm fully aware that I need to learn it thank you,
that is blazingly obvious.  And I will do, I asked for a favour, and for
pointers to help me out in a situation I doubted my present ability in.
Not to 'blag' my way into a position I couldn't hold.

Just for the record, it appears I shouldn't have doubted myself as I've
just made it to the last two and my final interview is on Tuesday (in ur
face), I knew more about Linux than I thought.  I'll take great pleasure
in letting you know how it turns out.  Either way.  I really need advice
like yours while I'm outta work, cheers.

In fact no I don't suggest you get to know me actually, you probably
won't like me 5 seconds after we meet. 

GOD some people are just so .... Grrrr ignorant!

Jamie Elliott (MCP)
Tel        : 07880 837565
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>Your all really quite, or very >busy.  Wish I was, could really do
>with that Linux help people.

Not wishing to be any ruder than necessary - if you want a job as a unix
admin I suggest you get of your backside and learn about the platform,
instead of expecting us to help you blag your way into a job you appear
not to be qualified for.

Chris Green

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