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Children play nice. . .  ;-)

James. . . If you want to try to learn something useful with Linux. . .
Download 7.3 and learn how to configure. . . 


Once you have these packages under your belt, you could (and wouldn't need
to "blag") probably get through an interview.

Chris wasn't trying to have a go, he was just being realistic. Unix is VERY
different to NT and is harder to learn properly (IMHO) blagging at this
stage in your career can only hurt if you fall on your arse. There are a lot
of bad admins out there who try and blag - interviewers know this & will try
and trip you up - they may even present you with a UNIX box and say "you've
got 10 minutes. . . I want a basic firewall & web server on it" - this
happened to me  (not exactly I grant you).

FYI I'm about 1/2 way through the list above. . . Done webmin. . . Squid . .
. Firewall (on ipchanes - learning iptables now) . . . Apache.  .. Bit of
samba.     -  -   more to come.

Be patient & try not to blag. . . It'll only get you in trouble in the long

All the best 


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>Your all really quite, or very >busy.  Wish I was, could really do 
>>with that Linux help people.

Not wishing to be any ruder than necessary - if you want a job as a unix
admin I suggest you get of your backside and learn about the platform,
instead of expecting us to help you blag your way into a job you appear not
to be qualified for.

Chris Green

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