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  • From: "Chris Green" <cgreen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2002 07:37:28 +0000 GMT

>I've just made it to the last two >and my final interview is on >Tuesday

That's good to hear.

>(in ur face)

Moi, do you think this bothers me or something?

>I knew more about Linux than I >thought.

That is obviously a good thing. Hopefully for your sake you turn out to be 
knowledgable enough to go the distance, get the job and do it properly.

Unlike NT, Unix is not the kind of thing you can pick up on the fly or bluff 
your way through. I've seen far too many people come into my company thinking 
they know Unix, who end up crashing and burning within weeks.

If you are serious about being a Unix (or Unix & NT) Admin, you don't want such 
an experience on your record, particularly in the current job market.

>I'll take great pleasure
>in letting you know how it turns out.  Either way.

Like I said, I hope you get it, on your own merits!

>I really need advice
>like yours while I'm outta work, 

Hey, you were the one who was getting so impatient because nobody on this list 
would coach you through your interview, not me!


Chris Green

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